Privacy Policy

We, Marel Contractors, its related and affiliated entities and those licencees using the “Marel” trademark (the “Marel Contractors”) are committed to protecting your right to privacy with respect to all personal information that we collect or use in the course of providing services to you. This privacy policy describes our practices relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information provided to our organization.

Personal information

Personal information means information about identifiable individuals and includes an individual’s name, gender, income, age, home address or phone number. Personal information does not include business information, such as an individual’s business address and telephone number. Business information is not covered by privacy legislation.

Collecting personal information

We collect personal information for the following limited purposes:

  • to communicate with individuals;
  • to assist in understanding individuals’ needs and preferences and to adjust our products and services accordingly; and
  • to conduct, process and complete transactions with customers.

The collection of personal information is limited to only that which is necessary for these purposes. In some circumstances, we may share your personal information with other entities in Marel Contractors and our professional advisors in order to process and complete transactions with customers. In addition, in the event of the sale of any entity within Marel Contractors, personal information may be one of the transferred business assets. We do not use personal information to sell to direct marketing agencies.

Consent for the collection of personal information

We do not collect personal information without your consent. Individuals are advised of our privacy policy prior to our collection of their personal information and are asked for their consent.

The protection of personal information

To ensure the security of our customers’ personal information:

  • we have designated an information officer to be responsible for the care and control of personal information;
  • our staff are trained to collect and use personal information only as necessary to perform their duties and in accordance with our privacy policy;
  • we restrict the collection of personal information to that required for the purposes noted above; and
  • we destroy personal information when it is no longer required for the purposes noted above.

Although we take great care in protecting the security of personal information stored in our databases, information transmitted over the internet can be intercepted by unauthorized parties. Marel Contractors does not assume any liability for any unauthorized use or interception of personal information over the internet by third parties. In addition, we do not assume liability for any unauthorized use of personal information collected by third parties with websites that are the current or future subject of a link from our website.

When personal information must be disclosed

We only knowingly disclose personal information after receiving your consent to do so or under limited circumstances specifically described when personal information is collected. There are some limited instances where we are obliged to disclose personal information without your consent. These instances are extremely rare and include the following:

  • where the information is known to the public; and
  • where disclosure is required by law or by order of a tribunal;

In such circumstances, we will not disclose more information than is required.

Questions or Comments

Should you have any questions or comments about our privacy practices, we invite you to notify us at